The protected UNIKOPF Thermo-Polymer-Technology DE10 2013 011 882.4 – PCT/DE2014/000364 promises permanent scented plastics.
The UNIKOPF fragrance plastic HB3000 is proven non-hazardous to health and free of plasticizers proved by the TÜV Nord  (a certification company that checks products based on German standards).

UNIKOPF fragrance plastic for room scenting
The UNIKOPF fragrance for room scenting products is made from natural essential oils from best producing regions of the world.
These natural essential plant oils assure that the fragrance of the UNIKOPF plastic unfolds its best performance and emits its unforgettable scent to the environment.

As a result of using natural essential oils the UNIKOPF fragrance plastic for room scenting opens and stimulates the flow of energy and brings body, mind and soul back to their natural balance.
This life energy flows in the body harmoniously and to promote health.

Special industrial applications
We have the ability to produce any kind of scent in our fragrance plastic. The desired plastic is designed and produced according application and requirement.