UNIKOPF Premium Room Fragrances
… stands for high quality room fragrances that create together with the in-house Thermo-Polymer-Technology unforgettable fragrance experiences.

We use only high quality fragrance combinations. Our fragrances are developed on a selection of the best and highest quality essential oils and integrated into the UNIKOPF long-term home fragrance products.

Essential oils of the world most famous distilleries are used. Aroma components from e.g. Bulgaria, China, France underline the high quality UNIKOPF long-term home fragrance products and set in combination with the UNIKOPF thermo-polymer technology new accents in the field of room fragrancing.

UNIKOPF longterm room fragrances

  •  are suitable approximate 2 years for room fragrancing
  • offer decorative room fragrances without hazardous substances (no spilling or refilling of hazardous liquids)
  • adapt to the respective indoor climate and release dependent to the temperature and airflow their fragrance to the environment

An international and highly motivated team continuously work on new UNIKOPF fragrance combinations and product designes for designed and scented moments.

The current innovation is the UNIKOPF longterm room fragrance product Thermoflower. This world innovation its about lifelike reproduction of plants and flowers for ambitious room fragrancing and decoration.